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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Pigeons' knightmare!

Dear people of the globe,

You are welcome to my free zone, Kevin sites threw some corns on my blog, so it’s my honour to have all of the peace pigeons right here.

Syrian people are starving, they are working hard to earn there living, but they can throw some corns with Kevin; just to make every pigeon in the world happy.

When you stare at there eyes, you see nothing except flying pigeons; cause they are dreaming to have a world without pigeons injuries!!

Pigeons are injured in:

World war one

World war two

If they had the power(syrian people), they could prevent Nazis’ holocaust against Jews.

If they had the power, they won’t hesitate snatching the bullets which killed pigeons in 11th of September.

They were happy to see the knight announcing a war against terrorism; as he promised to have a world without bullets.

It was a nice dream, which suddenly turned into a nightmare!
They were shocked …
They realized that the knight was not a knight and also it was not a knightmare!!

It was a couple of assassinations who are getting money from American people and leading an organised killing and theft operation.

They are killing American soldiers
They are killing Iraqis
They are stealing the tax which American people pay
They are stealing petrol from Iraq.

And look what happened then:

Pigeons pay tax for a knightmare in order to kill or bleed other pigeons and to let him steal others food and there food!!!

What a shit!

To be continued

thanx for the link. nowadays when i wander in damascus streets, i just look back and think, how would damascus look through the war? !!

I met you through Kevin Sites e-column. Your writings reflect a human in search of tranquility and peace. Yet your nation historically stands opposed to the peace and tranquility of others. There, in reality, is the realistic paradox. While you have but one heritage, like virtually every American, I have two... loyalty to the country I was born in and loyalty to where my family came from. Because Americans acept that inherent dual identity, we do not choose sides really choose sides in any conflicts...unless we are threatened. And then we take action no matter what the consequences. In our small part of the world, making a difference - rather than talking about a difference - is critical.

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I am an American. I am also a Republican and I voted for George Bush. But like most Americans, I am also a peaceful person who only wants a world where my kids can grow up and pursue their dreams. I am struggling to understand why so many residents of the Muslim world believe we are stealing Iraq's oil. It could be true, I suppose, but I have seen no proof of this. I do know that the war is a tremendous hardship and difficulty for Iraqis. We [American citizens] want a better world for them. We want peace in the middle east. We want less rhetoric from all sides. We want calm and we want to be helpful. We are a blessed country, rich in resources, enthusiasm and heart. As much as I read from you and others, we all want the same thing. The perceptions of us as a people are wrong. The perceptions of our government...are like the world-wide perceptions of yours. Possibly wrong, definitely not accurate and without some good faith, doomed.

I hope I live long enough to see peace for your region. I hope you do, too.

I really enjoyed this post. You have a marvelous imaginative mind. If all the pigeons refused to do the bidding of any of this world's knights, I think we would be all happier pigeons.

in response to Babs, i have to say that was a very eloquent post you presented and tip my hat to you today, my dear. :D

And i agree with what your saying however, i believe your statement has disincluded some elements that i feel can not be neglected and they are:

The KILLING, on all sides, by Americans and Arabs alike,

The no- bid contracts that carve pieces of the destroyed infrastructure amongst Halliburton and companies alike.

The misinformation, myopia, and ethnocentrism on both sides.

Our government has done some incredibly clandestine, covert and evil things in the name of freedom. (Placing Noreaga into Power)


And our hands arent as clean as we HOPE they to be. (Staging the coup to overthrow the Haitian President in 2004)


In response to your statement "We want calm and we want to be helpful. We are a blessed country, rich in resources, enthusiasm and heart"

This much is true, but the resources are simply getting redistributed amongst the rich

(tax cuts for the rich)

,I think you speak of a nation without Racism, Poverty, Sexism, Taste legislation, and Unemployment

These are the issues that reveal a face of our nation that shouldn't be overlooked. These are the social issues @ hand.

We scream that we have freedom, but what is it really?

The press is only free if you own one.

The peace you speak of, is in the American people not in the government, because they have lied and continue to do so, now more so than ever.

If you dont think so, ask yourself Why IRAQ?

There has never been any link to Sadaam and Al Qaida, whatsoever. He wasnt involved in 9-11, he doesnt have WMDs and truthfully he kept his country in check,

now its running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

While the people speak about freedom, their representatives are acting on property and profit.

First, I would like you to know that despite the rhetoric you might hear from some uninformed Americans, we do know that Syrians, as a people, do bode us ill will, nor harm. We know you disagree with us on policy, like the Iraq war, or our blind support for Israel, but that you as us were horrified by the September 11 attacks on our country.

We also want you to understand that when we speak about freedom, we as Americans do believe in them. We look forward to a day when Syrians can freely elect their own leaders, and can lead a life of prosperity.

Here in the US, many see you as part of the axis of evil, it is true. But when they say this, they do not mean Syrians as a people but rather your leaders. It is they who aparently ordered the execution of Rafik Hariri, and various other figures opposed to Syrian occupation of Lebanon, not you. Please understand that.

I wish you the best.

Just because I'm an American doesn't mean I support the current administration. I'm ashamed of our president's "Leadership" and "intelligence," and I'm ashamed for the frightened, ignorant people who live here and voted him into office -- I'm against just about everything he stands for. But I am still an American, and while I may not be a proud American right now, I will never stop working for peace and compassion and understanding, both in the Middle East and within my own country.

Words are all we have. Thank you for sharing your words. A number of us keep you and all Syrians in our thoughts. We hope for the best, and fear for the worst for your country and ours. Keep writing because I think that somehow we can meet in the middle because of people like you... You know what I'm talking about, that place in the middle right between hope and fear... We can get there, and you're helping.

Thanks for carving the mountain into a dove.

In my opinion, the beauty of your craft is that you're doing all of this one word at a time.

Take care and keep up the good work please.

Your soul is priceless. Shine on.

You can be proud of being Syrian. Dont worry what Israel and her b*tch America say. Europe, Russia and China hold your side. Cheers!

amazing shot

I remember staying on a rooftop($1 per/nt) in Tartus after having visited Arwad. Looking over the rooftops I noticed the pigeons in flight. There were several flocks flying, it was a battle, just like the ones in New York City. Who'd have thought they keep pigeons in Syria just as they do in America. So we have something in common and you know pigeons and doves are the same. I still remember conversations from then and going to the bakery to dine on 10-15 cent pastries of the finest kind. But also I recall, the stagnation of a happy people with so much talent and hospitality, I recall writing in my journal through the rolling blackouts, and the ever present portraits of Assad(the father) I remember much but wonder how much has changed and if those doves can truly fly free some day.


see there are pigeons here too.

Alphaprimer said >> "There has never been any link to Sadaam and Al Qaida, whatsoever. He wasnt involved in 9-11, he doesnt have WMDs and truthfully he kept his country in check"

Yeah by killing all those that disagreed with him. Ok so the gas he used to kill thousands of Kurds wasn't a WMD??? One of his top gernerals has stated the he supervised moving Sadam's WMDs to Syeria!
If you hate this country so much -- hey there's a plane or boat leaving here every day! Get on !

Posted by Ron from Kalifornia!

I am an American who believes in the principles that this country was founded on. We were once loved and respected through out the world but unfortunately this opinion of us has changed. Our country is divided. There are people that think as Ron from Kalifornia does and at least half (the polls show more at this time) do not agree with this administration. I side with Paul in this discussion.

Majd, thank you for the courage that you show in speaking out. This is what the world needs, open communication.

babs b - You seem open to to wanting to know the truth, it is not a perception when it is fact. When 9/11 happened, the world rallied behind us. Then we attacked a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Do you realize that almost half of the Iraqi's population is under 15. If we wanted Saddam for gassing the Kurds wouldn't it of made more sense to take care of this in 1988 when the offense happened?

Ron, I am posting a link so you can read what are involvement has been in the Iraq saga. Having your own opinion is what freedom is all about, but opinion should be based on facts. He did gas the Kurds after we pulled out the support we were giving them to fight against him.


@ Ron, your always so angry, like im attacking your beliefs and America, im simply stating facts and drawing conclusions based on them a.k.a. Empirical knowledge.

I dont hate America, im embarrassed by it. And about the comment about why not leave? Because this is my home, as well as yours,

I dislike the terrorists too and feel a burden in my heart when they kidnap and decapitate a journalist, but do you remember Abu-Ghraib prison?

Where they took all those demeaning pictures (men led around in collars on all fours, naked like dogs), not to mention our TORTURE methods which we call "Rendition"

That was the Muslim's worst fear too. And now it just adds fuel to the fire.

We act like we're better than the Muslim world and yet we still treat them as we have accused them of treating others.


Get some facts to support your arguments, and smell what you're shoveling.

Find some information for yourself, and dont just use State of the Union, talking points to back up your claims.

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.""

Theodore Roosevelt
26th president of US (1858 - 1919)

"True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 - 1945)

Just another american here. I consider myself a republican (however, I did not vote for bush....mainly because "the lights are on and nobody is home" if you don't understand what that means, email me and I will explain it. I am somewhat dismayed at the current state of affairs in the world. I couldn't help but notice that the denmark muslim cartoon protests ended up with burning of the american flag. Oh, c'mon we had NOTHING to do with that! Besides, we give you plenty of other things to hate us for already. I would like a muslims view on a couple of matters.
1. We buy oil, we don't steal it. if you really wanted to hurt us. Just stop selling us oil. (watch how fast we flinch on that one)

2. Ok, I am not a fan of Israel either, I am paying enough taxes already, I really hate the thought of giving them money for more rifles. BUY YOUR OWN RIFLES ISRAEL! GET A JOB!

3. And lastly.....I can understand you hate us for invading iraq and want us dead. But why didn't anybody feel like pulling off a suicide bombing against Saddam when he was killing a lot of muslims before we ever showed up in Iraq?


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