Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Denmark (Europe) VS Muslims .. Who's behind !?

Syria streets is boomed with flyers and ads announcing some Danish and Norwegian goods to be boycotted

Syrian people and Muslims all over the world were very disappointed when Danish newspaper had played with their redlines drawing cartoons upon their holy profit.

The Arabian and Muslim reactions seems to be very strange for all westerners, and it used to be strange even for me!

Othman occupied Muslim land for 400 years using the name of Islam

Some of the Muslims like Khaddam, buried nuclear waste in Syrian land which affected thousands of people, and no one had the courage to demonstrate against him.

Front Bumper said
"Peaceful demonstrations and boycott are a good sign, but the Ironic thing is that these very same ppl are being humiliated and tortured each and every day, not by Denmark rather their own country men!!"

Such odd things used to happen, and westerns governments used to be happy for such nature, that it used it for its own sake.

They used Islam against Soviet Union in Afghanistan facing the communist dragon

They used Islam trying to change governments and striking patriotic powers in Islamic countries, and here is Syria (ME also) we suffered a lot from such movements.

These cartoons were published in September, and there were some whispers around the world, but no reaction was done, and governments didn’t give a shit for such issue.

Suddenly and after four months KSA government took its ambassador from Denimark, starting a wave began strongly and separated all over the Islamic countries.

I’m not against this boycott, and taking such reactions cause every people around the world should be respected for its traditions, and believes; but I gonna ask some questions:

Who is behind this?
Who has
the advantage for boycott of Danish and some of the European goods?
Relations used to be good with Europe; but after this what gonna happen?!
who is responsible for this confusion?

at last Ayman asked a very good queston I would like to reflect right here:

Suppose that during the Israeli invasion of the West Bank and the massacre of Jenin, the same newspaper published a cartoon showing Moses as a sniper, David standing on a checkpoint or Solomon riding a tank... What would have happened? Israel would summon its ambassador. The US and major European countries would follow. Everybody would stand against the newspaper. There would be a thousand lawsuits against the cartoonist and all publishers will boycott him

photos are taken from accross syria and from the syrian speakers corner

I tag the following articles to be read regarding this:
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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

I am bleeding

After raising my voice and other bloggers voices, things changed in my life; I can't stop checking my blog, reading it, reading mails day and night.

Oh I can't concentrate on anything else!

I haven't realized the approach of the great event, until blood appeared on my lip..

I was getting a shower, and thinking what am I going to post and do tomorrow, I planed for a comment and for another concentration before loosing this boom of visitors on my blog.

I forgot that today I am getting engaged and I am having a celebration today!!

I had to get shaved, until Gillette MAC three took a piece of my flesh while I was thinking…

What a shit !!!

How am I going to kiss my fiancé!!?!

And now I am biting a tissue in order to stop the blood, and posting this..

Yallah wish me good luck ;), and don’t forget to pay me a visit tomorrow, to know what I was thinking in.

I hope all of the Syrian bloggers won't notify my fiancé with this post :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Pigeons' knightmare!

Dear people of the globe,

You are welcome to my free zone, Kevin sites threw some corns on my blog, so it’s my honour to have all of the peace pigeons right here.

Syrian people are starving, they are working hard to earn there living, but they can throw some corns with Kevin; just to make every pigeon in the world happy.

When you stare at there eyes, you see nothing except flying pigeons; cause they are dreaming to have a world without pigeons injuries!!

Pigeons are injured in:

World war one

World war two

If they had the power(syrian people), they could prevent Nazis’ holocaust against Jews.

If they had the power, they won’t hesitate snatching the bullets which killed pigeons in 11th of September.

They were happy to see the knight announcing a war against terrorism; as he promised to have a world without bullets.

It was a nice dream, which suddenly turned into a nightmare!
They were shocked …
They realized that the knight was not a knight and also it was not a knightmare!!

It was a couple of assassinations who are getting money from American people and leading an organised killing and theft operation.

They are killing American soldiers
They are killing Iraqis
They are stealing the tax which American people pay
They are stealing petrol from Iraq.

And look what happened then:

Pigeons pay tax for a knightmare in order to kill or bleed other pigeons and to let him steal others food and there food!!!

What a shit!

To be continued

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