Friday, January 27, 2006 


لماذا أخاف من الموت ؟

فطالما انا موجود , فان الموت لا وجود له

وعندما يكون الموت , فأنى لست موجودا

فلماذا اخاف من ذلك الذى لا وجود له عندما أكون موجودا ؟؟

Why I afraid of death?

If I am exist, death is not exist

If I am dead, I don't exist.

Why do I afraid of something which exists only when I am not exist?!

Monday, January 23, 2006 

I love my hell

I love my hell

I enjoy breathing its fresh air, and flying my soul

above its streets' quietness.

I love to walk in its mountains and valleys

I like all the farmers who do there best to earn there living

In my hell many children don't watch TV, few of them study; and the others you can find them starving on some corner of the passive life.

They have no hope, and they don't know how to dream ..

I love my country

I love all of the mentioned terrorists; whom many of the western people afraid of, and I am afraid for.

About me

  • I'm Majd
  • From Damascus, Syria
  • HAWA <==> Fresh air

    HAWA to breathe again

    i.e. to breathe fresh air far away from the polluted air.

    Far away from extremism, racism ,poverty; and all of social problem affecting the society around, and preventing people from berathing fresh air

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