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Friday, November 18, 2005 

Piss artist

I am annoyed, i.e. I am pissed off...

while I was staring at the dictionary looking at more meaningfull words which means annoyed.
I enjoyed looking at the word piss and its means .. Ooh .. sorry I mean the meanings of piss ..

let's have a look at these words:

piss-poor: adjective OFFENSIVE
Having very little money, or being of very low quality.

piss-take noun [C] UK OFFENSIVE
An act of making someone or something look silly.

piss-down phrasal verb [I] UK OFFENSIVE
To rain heavily.

pissed off adjective [after verb] (US ALSO pissed) UK OFFENSIVE
Annoyed. (This is my status now)

Piss artist noun [C]1 UK OFFENSIVE
Someone who does not do things correctly (


why I am pissed off?


simply cause
everything is pissing (Bekh*****!)

"Syrian people are pissed-poor now, and the hangring is expected to increase due to Mehles and his fucking report who is pissing-down great threats against us,acting as if we are the pissing-artists".

everything is pissing in fact..do you believe me ?

but I am afraind of the expected great disaster which is: "The great increase in the diesel prices"

I am praying for the future of all Syrian people whom I can't stop loving, and afraiding for them from all of my heart.

you know one thing came to my mind while reading this :شرّ البلية ما يضحك
i mean SHakh.....?!!
just wanted to ask you..did you watch the NEW TV report "Mehles justice from Berlin To Beirout" then i guess you'll feel more pissed off...eh dounia...(sinan's fav word)

My only media now is internet ..
but I am so glad that I haven't been annoyed again ! ....
or maybe I wouldn't ... cause I don't think that there's more depression..

eh dounia...indeed.
You are not the only one afraid.


My name is Aaron. I live in the United States. Springfield, Illinois, to be exact. I became aware of your blog by clicking on a story on Kevin Sites report. I've never read his reports, and I admit, I'd never imagined I would be posting a comment on the blog of someone across the world from me.

I post a blog pretty much every day as well. I just got engaged! She is my soul mate. I blogged about that.

I must admit, I am pretty ignorant of the geography of your part of the world. Also the politics. I, like most Americans these days, are really not told much about your area of the world unless it's the bad stuff.

We hear about terrorists, and about Jihad, and about Muslims and Al-Zakharwi, and bin Laden, and roadside bombs and insurgents, and religious fundamentalists, and suicide attakcs but not much about the real human beings that make up your people.

I don't know what you feel about America. The general attitude among the common people here is that everyone in that part of the world hates us and thinks that we are the devil.

I have lived long enough (I'm 31 years old) to know that things are never that easy. They are never that cut and dry, black and white. The world and it's people are, at best, various shades of grey. They all mix together and, if you look at it that way, it's easier to see the similarities.

I don't know if our country is in any sort of conflict with yours right now. Guess I'm not that smart, huh? It feels like we have American soldiers all over the planet right now. And, though I do not agree with the reasons why alot of our soldiers are deployed, I respect the fact that they committed themselves to do a job and they are fulfilling that committment.

I don't know what you think of George W. Bush. I personally think he's an idiot. I think he respresents everything that a President SHOULDN'T be. He is a joke to alot of people here in America and, because of his heavy handed foreign policy, America is probably more hated in the world now than ever before.

I guess what I'm saying is that not everyone in America is pleased with their government and the way it is run. We, like you, worry about the state of the world, and want things to be better. We want peace, even if those "in charge" do not.

I guess I wanted to send you this little note to tell you that I admire you for putting your words and thoughts out there for people to see, and I hope that they reach the ears of those who matter in your life, and those who are "in charge" in your country.

I read your "My Hell" blog and I find it reassuring that, even with all the problems you have there, you can find the bright side.

I also read your philosophy about death and found it fascinating.

I would really appreciate you taking a look at my blog, but I post on myspace.com. I can give you the link.

I hope to see you there, but if I don't I will check in with your blog from time to time. I'm sorry but I don't read your native tongue, so I will stick to the English posts, for now.

Hang in there, and remain positive. There's enough negativity in the world already.


That is the link to my blog. If you can access it, I hope you enjoy it.



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