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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Stop the war

Over 2067 American soldiers are died in the war
Over 100,000 Iraqis are killed

let's stop the occupation
NO more blood
NO more dollars
we are the majority, why can't we stop the devastative war !?

thanks Ghalia

I give you my voice too.

meaningfull flash, it worth waiting in fact.

I liked the topics you are focusing on.
well done! ..

Yes, it worths waiting..
What happening in fact that pure souls are dying couse of the leaders hunger, we people became like ships following their dog leader which is running to fight a group of wolf,...
We don't have to be like that we are humens and we have to stop following these dogs... so if we let them run alone they'll get afraid and return back...
We have to tell them that they are alone..
Thanks Majd for the great meaningfull post...... it really worths to be commented

@Zein .. thanks for the compliment, and you are always welcome

@Darin .. interesting comment ..
I invite you to have a blog, and reflect your thoughts ..

Zein and Darin ..
thanks for your comment .

U know what! I Fwd this to show the difference between our poor media and theirs, undoubtedly more powerful.

so touching ... i almost cried m indeed

hi there ...
that was touching let us attach these posts with some actions and we will get to the peacefull world that we all r looking for ...
right on broo and always keep in mind that " life gose on and never stops " .

that was an excellent flash !

i'ld like to tell you that you are right when will this war and torture end. not only for the innocent american soldiers in iraq , for the iraqi people, afganistan, pakistan but also for the innocent lebanese that are dying because they want freedom. everyone deserves to live his or her life the way they want. all the above deserve it. WHY ONLY SO CALLED POWERFUL ONLY!!!!!!!! WHY THE CRUELTY ...........

and let's never forget that war is a politician strategy for economic interests and power ONLY; When pple are dying, some other are laughing and counting the dollars they get thanx to these wars...
Let's not forget that medias (mean official ones) are tool for propaganda, and that people should read between the lines... it's so easy to manipulate populations...

Thank you for your strength and insight. It is wonderful to read your political passion from far away; Philadelphia.

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