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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

A Love story

I miss my beloved girl very much
you can call her koki,keeewee,and whiskey!
she was great and lazeezeh ...... used to smile and draw everyones smiles
no one could pay us a visit without having her kissing him!!

you can go to Jaramana and ask all the dogs about her! she had the sexiest tail ever seem in Jaramana!!!

Lolo is our neighbour's dog, she didn't love him, but whenever we ask him "Weena kimmy?" (where is kimmy?!) .. he used to jump to the window and star at our veranda with tears in his eyes.

it's the most oweful love story.

tayeb where is kooki now ??

nice questions, thank you ..
we have change our home, and she lives in Mashru3 dummar these days !

Ana kteer shurira, I hate all all animals even fish. bas hay 3anjad looks nice.

Well this looks sad...
I hope U wont miss anyone else like that....To remain the strongest love story

By the way I am Darin....
Hehehe I was joking.....
But I really hope that U'll never miss anyone again.....

What a piece of shit blog

Nice blog, good to see a young man making the most of his life in what appears to be hard conditions.

kteeeeeeer cutie hal kooki :)

good luck with your aspirations dude, cheers from Boston, MA - USA

nice blog, this is my first time to it but won't be the last. i like to hear from real people from different countries and not just what the news media waits you to read. thanks

I am American and have been to your wonderful country. I was excited to see your blog on an online article on yahoo.com.

I hope someday that people can separate government activities from the people who live in these countries.....I found the Syrian people to be so welcoming and hospitable.

I look forward to another trip there, among other middle east countries so see the wonderful things there. And I hope someday that more Americans come to Syria to see the history, culture, people and definitely the great food!

I wish you the best!

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